Synthetic Diamond Manufacturers

For years, diamonds have been the best way to express your love towards your close ones. Diamonds have been a symbol of strength, power and royalty in our society and the more of these precious gemstones you own, the more respect you get. However, with all these social benefits attached to this stone, it isn’t easy to afford for most of us.

Naturally occurring diamonds are not easy to find, and extensive mining procedures adds to the already hiked prices of earth-mined diamonds. To ease the affordability of diamonds, synthetic diamond manufacturers like us fabricate Chemical Vapour Diamonds in the laboratory which is also popularly known as man-made diamond.

These CVD diamonds have made it possible for the common people to possess this affordable luxury and flaunt a hefty piece of a diamond by synthetic diamond manufacturers.

What is a Synthetic diamond?

Synthetic diamond is known by many other names, including, man-made diamond, CVD diamond, HPHT diamond and Lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds have brought a revolution in the diamond industry ever since they came into existence in the 1950s.

These diamonds are synthesised under control conditions in a laboratory hence the name lab-grown diamonds. It is also termed as CVD diamond; referring to the procedure, it undergoes to achieve a complete crystalline state.These diamonds are an inexpensive alternative to naturally mined diamonds by synthetic diamond manufacturers.

How are CVD diamonds made by synthetic diamond manufacturers?

CVD is also called chemical vapour deposition diamond. These are fabricated under controlled temperature and pressure inside a laboratory. These diamonds have been produced synthetically since the 1950s. Now, as the technology has advanced, it has become possible to obtain colorless and glittering gemstone by synthetic diamond manufacturers

Chemical Vapor Deposition is the chosen method by the synthetic diamond manufacturers for making the finest quality diamonds. The quality of these diamonds is so supreme that you can never differentiate it from naturally occurring diamonds with naked eyes.

To manufacture a CVD diamond, a reactor is filled with carbon molecules containing methane gas. Tiny bits of a diamond are also added, that act as a starter and a substrate in this reaction. The chamber is then filled with hydrogen plasma in the end and is then shut close.

Followed by this step, is the step of heating things up. The reactor is subjected to a heat of around 4000 Kelvin which rounds off to roughly about 6000 degrees of Fahrenheit. Under this extreme heat, the carbon atoms from methane set loose from the molecules and start bombarding against the previously added diamond pieces.

Over 400-500 hours, this bombardment continues. The carbon-hydrogen atoms which were activated keep depositing over the diamond crystal. After the period of deposition of carbon atoms is over, you will end up with a beautiful, dazzling, rectangular gemstone.

It is identical to earth-mined diamond, but its surface roughness is pretty high. To make it all smooth and glittery, this stone is then sent for its ‘touch-up' procedures. These lab-grown diamonds by synthetic diamond manufacturers look so pretty and are indistinguishable from the natural diamonds with a naked eye.

Why prefer us for synthetic diamond manufacturers?

Diamond making is a work of art, and you should be careful of which synthetic diamond manufacturer you pick to invest your money in. The market is filled with multiple manufacturers claiming to be the best, but the fact is, quality products speak for itself.

We, as synthetic diamonds manufacturers have been leading the diamond industry for a decent time now. Our teams of extremely skilled professionals are driven by the motivation to make high-quality diamonds that every common person can afford.