Flaunt your proud love for the nature with the Man-made diamonds

Nothing can defy the beauty of man-made diamonds, not even the diamonds we get out of the earth after extensive mining. It is fortunate to see how people around us have started to understand the environment around them. For fabricating man-made diamonds, we replicate the situation as it is below the earth's crust inside a CVD diamond manufacturer’s laboratory so that we are capable of manufacturing diamonds on a large scale that otherwise require millions of years to form.

These man-made diamonds are physically, chemically and optically identical to the mined diamonds but the plus point is their eco-friendly nature and inexpensive price. At, as well-renowned CBD diamond suppliers, we manufacture the purest forms of man-made diamonds, and our quality of work speaks of itself. These diamonds are almost 98% finer in quality in terms of brightness and strength than earth-mined diamonds.

The best quality man-made diamonds are the Type II A diamond. These are so brilliant in quality that they are only spotted on royalties and celebrities that are filthy rich. However, with the technique of manufacturing man-made diamonds, you are now no less than royalty!

The man-made diamonds that you purchase from CVD diamond manufacturers are highly affordable for common people with big desires. By opting for these man-made diamonds, you are not just doing your bank-balance favour but you are also actively participating in saving our earth from the abuse in the form of mining.

How do we make man-made diamonds?

At present, the most preferred way of fabricating man-made diamonds is by the Chemical Vapour Deposition method that is performed in a CVD diamond manufacturer’s laboratory. This procedure creates the most exquisite quality diamond without the use of heavy-duty machinery or mining techniques.

There are four significant steps when it comes to the manufacturing of man-made diamonds:

Step 1: A closed chamber reactor is preferred for this reaction. The chamber is packed with methane gas containing carbon atoms. Hydrogen plasma is also added to this chamber along with methane gas. Apart from these, tiny pieces of a diamond are added to act as a starter and substrate for this chemical reaction.

Step 2: The reactor is then shut close and is subjected to a soaring heat of 4000 Kelvin; this can be roughly rounded off as 6000 degrees of Fahrenheit. In such extreme condition, the carbon atoms from the methane gas molecules start detaching and vaporising towards the roof of the container.

Step 3: When enough carbon molecule is accumulated on the top, it slowly starts settling down on the previously added diamond pieces, which then acts as a substrate for the formation of man-made diamonds. These pieces of diamonds serve as the lattice for the new forming atoms, and due to the clean and controlled laboratory environment, there is no impurity in these man-made diamonds. This process of manufacturing man-made diamonds takes roughly around eight to ten weeks.

Step 4:After ten weeks, you successfully get a rectangular piece diamond. The surface roughness of that diamond is pretty high, almost comparable to sandpaper. Surface roughness is not the desired quality when it comes to diamond and thus getting it polished is a critical step of manufacturing man-made diamonds. After getting the diamond cut and polished by professionals, you get a world class, supreme quality, type II A man-made diamond.

The Bottom line:

These man-made diamonds have an array of features that give it an edge over theconventional earth-mined diamonds. These are eco-friendly as well as pocket-friendly.As the leading CVD diamond suppliers, we make the best man-made diamonds for youso that you don’t have to think twice before buying yourself and your loved ones that hefty piece of the diamond ring!